Payment Methods at Online Sportsbooks in Nigeria 2024

When reviewing sportsbooks online, the first thing you have to consider is the payment methods available in Nigeria. It is always crucial to take a look at the banking options.

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You do not want to find yourself stuck in a difficult verification process that does not really suit your situation. That is why it is always advisable to go for betting sites that accept payment methods that would align with your banking options. In this guide, we will go over the different methods you will find available for players in Nigeria.

Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards

There are a ton of different accepted payment methods as far as online betting is concerned. Let us check out some of the ones you can use easily.

visa card payment methods


Visa might be the easiest solution to go for when you are doing online betting. First and foremost, it might be the quickest to get verified and processed. Aside from that, you usually pay fewer charges or fees when you’re depositing directly through a Visa card. It just makes the whole process much simpler on both ends, yours and that of the service provider. If you have one on hand, make sure to go with it and save yourself the hassle.


The second best thing would be a Mastercard. As we explained, cards usually get processed a lot quicker than, say, a wire transfer. Especially if you live in Nigeria and you’re making a transfer to a provider in another country, you don’t want to go through tons of bank verifications.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are usually a form of cash that is deposited upon a card or a voucher. Some bookmakers do in fact accept those and are usually found in your local convenience store. They are instantly verified and are quite simple to use. However, a downside to prepaid cards is that not all websites accept them, and you might not be able to acquire some in your region. If you can, it is a fairly smooth process to go through.


E-wallets have been governing online payments for quite a while now. They keep your bank details safe and are fairly swift in processing deposits.

paypal e-wallet payment methods

PayPal Payment

For starters, let us talk about the renowned service called PayPal. It is highly unlikely that you will run into someone who is not familiar with this service. As it is widely used by most companies and is fairly easy to integrate within payment gateways. Most bookmakers or sports betting sites accept PayPal as one of their primary deposit methods.

If you find it convenient for you to use PayPal, make sure to go for a website that accepts this kind of payment method.

Skrill Account

Skrill is also widely used around the world. In fact, a Skrill wallet is rather preferred for online gambling. Even the company itself offers some deals for those using the service to gamble. While it’s very convenient, some bookmakers stopped supporting this payment method. If you own a Skrill account yourself, make sure to check the service provider you’re about to register with before making the commitment.


Quickteller is an easy option for those struggling to meet the requirements of the above-mentioned payment methods. They offer several integration options and they even deal through Western Union. Furthermore, they can be quite helpful if you live in an area where banking options are limited or can be difficult to come across. Make sure to head to the official website of Quickteller to learn more about what the company offers in your country.

Bank and ATM Deposits

Another way to go about depositing your money online is to use traditional banking solutions. They can be easier depending on your own personal circumstances.

gtbank wire transfer and atm payment methods


GTBank is a well-known bank that operates in Africa. It provides feasible banking solutions, swift online payments and relatively easy wire transfers. If you’re struggling to verify other payment methods, and would just prefer to have the money deducted straight from your bank account, GTBank might be the best option for you. You can easily phone them up and inquire about their services, or just visit a local branch in your area. Lots of Nigerian punters attest to the high-quality service this bank provides its customers.

Zenith Bank

This bank prides itself on the promise of top-notch digital banking solutions. It’s based in Nigeria, which is always preferred and is well-known among the locals. As far as payment methods go, this provider understands the demand their customers have for digital shopping. And this includes gambling as well.

You can open an account with this bank and get your Visa card to easily deposit on any gambling site that you like. Importantly, refer to their website for more information on the services they provide in that regard.

Mobile Payment Providers

If you prefer to manage your finances on the go, you might want to look into integrating a mobile payment provider into your dealings.

opay mobile payment methods


OPay is swift, trendy, and fairly easy to use. Also, with an app that boasts security and user experience, you cannot really go wrong with this one. The only downside it has is that not all providers accept this type of payment method.

Bitcoin Gambling and Other Cryptocurrencies

The rise of cryptocurrencies has been phenomenal over the past five years. Blockchain technology has slowly, but quite efficiently, seeped into the financial industry.


One of the main currencies you’d come across is Bitcoin. You will find more sites that accept bitcoin payments than any other crypto. In fact, it is deemed the pillar that holds the whole sector together. Similarly, bitcoin gambling has been a sensation among punters worldwide. Fortunejack is one the best Crypto sportsbook sites for bettors in Nigeria.

So Which of These Payment Methods Should I Go For?

As we explained, it all depends on your own personal circumstances. Some might find credit card payments a lot easier to go through, others would appreciate the anonymity behind bitcoins. Whatever you go for, make sure to read thoroughly on how your provider processes this type of payment & whether their conditions suit your needs.

Payment Methods FAQ

For your ease of mind, we’ve compiled a list of some questions usually common among new gamblers. Let’s review those real quick:

Available Payment Processors at Nigeria Sports Betting Sites